Monday, June 8, 2009

A day in the life of a Twi-Mom Blogger

Raise your hand if this is you! The Robsten girls have no qualms about spilling a day in their life... I can relate:

Both of us are on Twi-diets so we can look great at the upcoming Comic Con…one of us is down to size 6 jeans while one of us has uhhhh….a way to go. The size 6 is diligently dieting, exercising, and has nursing on her side and the other was feeling guilty after a nasty margarita hang over from the weekend, so decided to attempt the treadmill this morning.

Now I wish this was fiction but it’s just plain not…I attempted to look for my workout shoes for forty-five minutes and could only find one, so I finally conceded to working out in flip-flops (highly not recommended, but I did work up a sweat)…

I just found the dang other work out shoe in the oven when I was attempting to power cook for the week so my husband doesn’t notice that I get on the computer to blog as soon as he walks in the door. Yes…it was in the oven!!!
Shoe drying by mpieracci.

I know it was my three year old boy who just walked by with the toilet bowl cleaner and is now cleaning the back patio sliding glass door with it (someone has to do it)…so I’m off to invest in oven locks.

Check out their blog- they attended the MTV Awards and have some giveaways in the works!

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