Monday, June 8, 2009

Behind the scenes deets from Vancouver filming *spoiler*

The Canadian News team at the Metro has some behind-the scenes deets from the Vancouver set of New Moon. The first of a five part series, a snippet reads:

As the extras disperse and pretend to be heading toward the makeshift school building, Kristen Stewart, reprising her role as Bella, is greeted by her four best friends singing her happy birthday as she gets out of her truck.

“Cut! Let’s do it again!” yells Weitz. After shooting the scene three times, the director asks for one more, “just for safety.” And it’s in the can. The enormous crew huddles around, preparing for the next sequence.

Ready? Action! Jacob fastens a necklace on Bella. “It catches bad dreams,” he tells her. But Bella only dreams of Edward, played by Robert Pattinson. The British actor is leaning nearby on a car, a figment of Bella’s imagination. She is continually haunted by memories of this impossible love.

As the cameras roll for the third take, Lautner forgets his lines. “Sorry, I’m totally lost,” he laughs. “Cut, reset!” orders Weitz. The cast had a 5 a.m. wake-up call. Lautner outdoes himself in the fourth take. “That was my favourite!” enthuses the director.

Stewart, standing on a platform to reach up to the tall actor, leans in for a kiss. Is it real or is Bella’s imagination playing tricks on her again? Fans will have to wait until the movie’s November release to find out.

Thanks to Eyes of Amber for this gem!


  1. oooh, sounds good to me! if this is how they include more of Rob, it's perfectly acceptable. Even though Bella tried to forget him, I am sure she must have had split second flashes all the time! Can't wait!!!

  2. oooo!!!! COME ON NOVEMBER!!!!!!