Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Unsuccessfully looking for the New Moon trailer on Your Twilight Blu-Ray?

CBA discovered the real scoop from IMDB as to why it's missing:

Summit Entertainment still needs to upload the trailer before anyone can download it. Twilight also comes BD-Live-enabled.. As of right now, Summit has not yet launched any features for download, nor announced any upcoming content on the BD-Live. We all have to wait till they upload it, so whenever Summit decided to release it, that's when we'll get the New Moon trailer. Honestly it could be months, before we get to see it. No one really knows when they will upload it, but they will announce it on their website.


  1. I'm not surprised it's missing - how would they even be able to make one that fast?!

  2. I was surprised they even mentioned it would be on there... didn't make sense!

  3. Wow, I'm glad to know this ahead of time. I bought the collector's set from Amazon and it hasn't arrived yet, darn the free super saver shipping!