Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Climbing into the mind of Little Ashes Director Paul Morrison

Amanda, Twilight Examiner, had the pleasure of interviewing Little Ashes director Paul Morrison:

About what brought Morrison to the Little Ashes picture, he says it was “[a] great screenplay.” Continues Morrison, it’s “an intimate human story of these three or four people’s relationships at an extraordinary moment in history of social and artistic ferment. Plus, it was about these three exceptional artists, at least one of whom was a hero of mine.”

About the screenplay, which was written by Philippa Goslett, Morrison says that “the good thing about [it] is that it doesn’t attempt to be a biopic. It doesn’t try to tell the whole story, it just explores one seminal moment. Really, it’s a love story, and that’s what gives it power.” The love story in Little Ashes is one that takes place between the characters of Salvador Dali and Federico Garcia Lorca.

Check out her site and read the whole article!


  1. I can't find a theater that is playing it in Minneapolis? Bummer!

  2. Cathy- Looks like it's playing at the Landmark Theater in Minneapolis beginning June 5!