Monday, May 11, 2009

Twilight Widowers Reaping Benefits Thanks to Our Obsession...

Mr. Pillow Biter could have written this post over at Twilight Widowers Anonymous, but he didn't, because, really, he's still uber-jealous of my Mini-Edward (hey, at least mine doesn't vibrate. yet.) so here I remain. Completely closeted.

I'm in love with Edward Cullen by Beautiful;;Brunette.

So I have to rely on Mr. Twilight Widower, who, inspired by Mr. BrightRedInk, penned this eloquent list of what benefits he's reaped due to his wife's new obsession...

Before Edward, my wife always managed to find fault with my housekeeping skills. Without fail, she would find the speck of food I'd overlooked on a fork or the patch of carpet I'd missed with the vacuum. Since Edward has entered our lives, however, she has let her standards slide considerably. This is great. The floor in front of the dresser was where I kept my socks before we moved in together, and she doesn't seem to mind anymore.

And the best benefit of all- more enthusiasm:

One of the first things I noticed about the wife's Twilight obsession was how...frisky she seemed to be after spending time with Edward. One night, after she'd finished Eclipse for the first time, she rolled me over, pinned me down and rowed me like a boat. And it wasn't even Saturday.
Robert Parttinson(Edward Cullen) by Clarissa1309.

All of you Twilight Widowers owe this man a *special* thanks!


  1. Ummm, my husband didn't write those things.

  2. Here's what he actually wrote:

  3. LOL - and this is why I am now pregnant with number 5 :) Well, this and fanfic. lol

  4. LOL! Damm Edward Cullen; he's at the heart of all this frolicking about!

    Thanks, brightredink- I did a bit of editing. That's what happens when Twilighting long about midnight instead of meeting real obligations!

  5. No problem! :) I know how the after-midnight blogging can be...