Friday, May 15, 2009

Skipping Breaking Down the Happy Trail

First of all, kudos to JoeBen Designs (yes. A Twilight site. I know. Who the heck knows why it was named that to begin with. Don't ask. Don't hate), who, thanks to her contest, has renamed her blog Rob My World. Take notes, kiddies and bookmark her.

If I sound snarky, it's because I'm all riled up 10 ways to Sunday over her post, Breaking Down the Happy Trail-Madden Style...oh, and Top 10 Reasons Why We Love Robert Pattinson (all the hawtness ran together; I thought it was one long post) Here's a bit of it, but you gotta check her out to see the rest of the Robiliciousness...

3. He says inappropriate things in interviews.

Things like tool, terminal groin chafing, manmeat and f*cking awesomeness! Click each word to hear that beautiful voice say those naughty things! (Thanks Late2thePartee!)

5. When he signs an autograph, he write things like this.

Can you read that? It says You are welcome to my den of sin. *POOF*

Can you read that? It says "You are welcome to my den of sin." *POOF*

6. Sometimes he enjoys going commando, sometimes he doesn’t.

Commando and not commando!!

Commando and not commando!! Note: How the heck have I never seen this?

Happy Trail analyzed 3

And in this last pic, I’m going to just take my
little yellow pen and eliminate the competition.
Yep, you may be one of Rob’s friends girl’s,
but you are all competition. So, sorry,
you have to go!


  1. I love-love-love the first picture. And I would like the directions to Rob's den of sin, please.

  2. That was too funny and I hope R-Patts never stops behaving all silly like that - it's really part of his charm!