Sunday, May 3, 2009

Javier a better kisser than Kristen, laughs Rob

A snippet of an interview with Spanish newspaper el

(I'm keeping the translated version as is because it's darling...)

EP3. And now what you think of that movie sex scenes in movies were with another guy?

RP What is worse is nothing romantic, are supertraumáticas. Rather than excitement, I feel sorry for both [laughs]. It was all very uncomfortable, not only because the first shooting Javier [Beltran, who plays Lorca] and I had known the day before. But because the film with zero privacy, surrounded by technicians who speak Spanish, a language not understood, and went to the coast of giggles.

EP3. Who kisses better, or Kirsten Javier [Stewart, in his beloved Twilight]?

RP definitely Javier [laughs].

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EP3. You said that following the successful Crepúsculo you find it difficult to lead a normal life. Why spend your free time?

RP Somehow, the work has become my best shelter. Although it sounds ridiculous, as I have a while I get to read scripts. I feel somewhat frustrated at not having gone to college, so I'm trying desperately to autoeducarme. I brought with me to Vancouver as 100 books, I have scattered all the hotel room.

Thanks to Twilight Gossip for the tip!

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