Sunday, May 3, 2009

Be the Envy of Your Twilighter Friends with these Sassy Shoes!

Sandira, an amazing British artist, sent me pictures of her work along with her newly launched website. Here's just a taste of what she can do to customize your Converse shoes:

These new designs are original artwork painted by myself and also come with a choice of one of the handcrafted charms inspired by the four book covers. You can choose between a sparkling red apple, glossy red pawn, white queen or a beautifully detailed ruffled tulip.

The new designs include the Forks forest painted on the shoes, to capture the feel and atmosphere of Forks. The Cullen Crest to show that you’re part of the family!

There are also team Jacob designs! Wolf inspired art for those of us that have imprinted on Jacob! There is a design for every fan, and if there is something special fans would like on their high tops, all they have to do is discuss it with me and I can bring their idea to life!

The shoes also come with a choice of Eclipse laces (vivid Red ribbon) or Breaking Dawn laces (Black & White Checkered) in addition to the normal white laces.

Sandira can also customize your shoes with any design you'd like- she ships to the U.S. as well- go check her site out!

Canvas Warriors

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  1. Chucks are for sure my favorite shoe. These are suppa rad! LOL