Sunday, May 10, 2009

Jackson Rathbone puffy hearts his mama

Remember the scoop on Jackson's one and only tattoo? Regina, who attended this weekend's EyeCon Convention, told me Sunday:
I HEART MOM T-Shirt by annaleeblysse
"Today while Kellan was speaking to his adoring fans during the Q&A Session, Jackson had the EyeCon Tattoo Artist give him a second tattoo. I heard that it was a heart (maybe on his back) and perhaps said, 'I Love Mom..'"

EyeCon Poster- No. It's not your computer. Yes. It's blurry. Yummier *exclusive* pics to come shortly.


  1. If I meet him in Southampton at his 100 Monkeys gig, should I ask him? LOL!

  2. "I’d love to get the Rathbone family crest on my back-it would take up my whole back. Our motto is “Suaviter et Fortiter,” which means “nicely, but firmly.” My dad always taught me that you’ve got to give respect to get respect, and you’ve got to give love to get love. Makes sense, right?"
    That's what Jackson said about getting new tattoos, so it's probably that.I guess it includes a heart as well or sth..

  3. oh PB... pay a visit to the 100monkeys Road terip page on facebook.. The guys posted a pic of Jackson getting his tat :D

  4. I was actually at the Eyecon twilight convention in Orlando FL when Jackson was getting his tattoo and I did see it and with his shirt off! It was getting a little loud in the Press Conference with Kellan Lutz so my Fiance and I decided to take a look at the vendors to beat the lines and there he was arm out and shirt off getting a tattoo! I was unable to get a picture due to his "entourage" jumping in front of me telling me this was his personal time and pictures were not allowed =( I apologized and turned around and their was Edi Gathegi (Laurent) teasing him not do it!