Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Jackson Rathbone's Tummy Tatt: "I'm Lost"

Check out Jackson Rathbone in Inked Magazine- here's a snippet of the interview:

INKED: Let's talk tattoos. How many do you have?
JACKSON RATHBONE: I only have one right now, but I definitely plan on getting more. My friends and I were kind of the bad kids in school, the troublemakers. We went to Interlochen Arts Academy, this really great boarding school in Michigan, and there were six of us who were always acting out against authority. The school administration was like, "Stay away from those boys-they're ‘Lost Boys,'" so that's what everyone called us. When I was 18, I got a tattoo that says, "I'm lost."

Thanks to Twi-Fans!


  1. He looks kinda greasy in that picture but I'd still do him in a heartbeat.

    And his family crest motto is 'Nicely but Firmly'?!! {tries to pull head out of gutter but fails miserably}

  2. Jenny Jerkface LMAO.... I had a gutter moment with that motto too!! **sticks head in the fridge to cool down!**

  3. I want him to insert nicely but firmly into me....oh wait did I just type that out loud? I did. He can spank me for my mental slippage....