Saturday, May 2, 2009

Ashley Talks Yellow Porshes and Die-Hard Fans

In an interview with Access Hollywood, Ashley Greene said that filming for "New Moon" is half-way finished, and excitement is building on set with the impending five-day shoot in Italy.

“I haven’t driven the Porschse yet. We weren’t sure if they were going to let me it or not,” she told Access. “But, they let me drive a Mercedes in a scene that we did last week.”

Ashley also expressed her pleasure over die-hard fans (you know who you are!), provided she meets them without Robert Pattinson around.

“They fly in! They come to set and they set up these blankets, and just hang out and wait,” she said of the Twi-hards. “And, when we’re in-between scenes or when we get done [shooting,] we always go over and say, ‘Hello.’ They’re dedicated!”

“They’re really cool with me, they come up and say, ‘Oh my gosh. I love you so much!’ But with Robert Pattinson, I think they want locks of his hair!”

Ashley told Access getting the whole cast back together was a delight.

“We filmed the big family party scene, which was really fun,” she said. “It was the first [time] all of us [were] back together filming. It turned out really well!”


  1. Ashley seems like a really great person, and I love that she adores the fans! I really can't wait to see her in New Moon. It was kind of disappointing that Twilight didn't show Bella and Alice's friendship more.

  2. So true- Alice is a fabulous character, and it's so refreshing to see that she seems to be such a sweet person out of character as well. Hopefully New Moon will delve more into the relationship between Alice and Bella, particularly on the trip to Italy!