Sunday, May 3, 2009

Another star vying to reach for the Moon? Meet Josh Ryan, the real deal...

I remember reading an interview with Paramore about how they fought to get their song on the "Twilight" soundtrack. It worked for them, and they rocked it.

Disney popsicles such as Demi Lovato and the Jonas Brothers, and American Idol Justin have all put their mics in the ring vying for a coveted song on the New Moon soundtrack. Um no, thanks.

But what about someone a little bit indie and savvy enough to have dipped his talented fingers into the likes of these shows? If you're a fan of any of these, chances are you've heard "Secrets in Stereo":






Meet Josh Ryan of Secrets in Stereo. His song, "Again" was used in a random Twilight YouTube video and instantly connected with Twilighters to the tune of 800,000+ hits:

Ryan says, "The song just connected. It said everything Twihards wanted to hear. Twilight fans are not asking me to write a song for the next installment of the story, New Moon. After much thought (and after “experts” telling me it’s not worth it), I decided to put it back in the Twilight fans’ hands."

"I made a video describing the journey, and the response for it has been just as overwhelming":

So what do you think, Twilighters? Does Josh have what it takes to get a song into the New Moon soundtrack? He has great contacts, and he wants Twilighters to get involved and help him decide what kind of song to pitch, as well as the feeling you all want conveyed.

If this goes through, it would be a FABULOUS way to let the fans have input into a movie we all want so much to be a part of. So clickey onto his site and give Josh your input today, or leave your comments here so I can pass them along to him for his pitch!

If you're clamoring for more, here are the lyrics to "Again" along with his website and MySpace page:

(Josh Ryan / Jason Collum)

If I had my way, I had my way
I wouldn’t change a thing, wouldn’t change a thing
Cause you’re my obsession
You keep me in the dark to see your spark
You’re keepin’ me guessin’
Messin’ with my heart. Got it down to an art

You’re eyes surprise me every time
You’re kiss it twists me, blurring the lines
And it’s the very first night all over
The very first smile and then
I’m falling for you

You wreck my world, you wreck my world
You’re always that girl, always that girl
Who walked in the room and
I couldn’t look away. You captivate
So drawn to you, and I still feel that way
Some things never change

You’re eyes surprise me everytime
You’re kiss it twist me, blurring the lines
And it’s the very first night all over
The very first smile and then
I’m falling for you

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  1. thats a pretty perfect reunion song. it doesnt really sound like something that would fit in the movie, but would totes be good on the soundtrack or like in the credits.