Thursday, April 9, 2009

Urban Dictionary: The New Reference Bible for Twilighters

4TNZ mentioned Twilighters were in the Urban Dictionary, but oh. friends. There's so much more. At least the definiton of "pillow biter" is closer to the Twilight version than others that I've seen on-line:

Twilightin' (Note: this is my malady)
The state of being so completely consumed by one's obsession with Twilight that one's work suffers, friends are neglected, schoolwork is ignored in the pursuit of one's next Twilight fix.
"Is Renea coming to work today?"
"I don't think so. She and Abby were up until 2 AM twilightin'.

Twilight Whore
any fan of twilight (preferably a girl) who flaunts her love of twilight like a 10 cent hooker.* although reasons for such whore status are unknown, some theories include:
~ to get attention
~ because her friends think its cool
~ because she has no life
*not to be confused with a TRUE twilighter.
Twilighter One: Ugh that girl has been wearing that Edward shirt for the past two months. Doesn't she shower?
Twilighter Two: Oh she's a twilight whore. Her and the others haven't showered since they first saw the movie.
Twilighter One: Is that healthy?
Twilighter Two: Not at all.

A human being who is a fan of Stephenie Meyer's 'Twilight Series', consisting of 'Twilight', 'New Moon', 'Eclipse', and 'Breaking Dawn'. Twilighters are usually quite addicted to the series, and would be considered 'obsessed' by some. (Also known as 'Twi-Hards')
Example: On the set of the "Twilight" movie, Twilighters have been seen camping out so that they can both see the actors and perhaps sneak onto the set.

And my favorite- the most frustrating:

Twilight teenie
Can be related to any other teenie, for example a 'My Chemical Romance Teenie'.

Someone who has caught on to the craze of the 'Twilight' novel series by Stephanie Meyer and tries to catch up with the trend, but fails terribly. A Twilight Teenie will most likely read the first three chapters of 'Twilight', will not be bothered to read the rest and will find out what happens in 'Twilight' and the rest of the books by reading what it says on Wikipedia.
*Twilight Fan attempting to have a conversation with a Twilight Teenie*

Twilight Fan: I wonder what will happen in the next Twilight book...?

Twilight Teenie: I know! OMG do you think Edward will have sex with Bella, coz you know he has no blood so he can't get it up... Edward is so HAWT!

TF:... Okay, but I've been wonder what will happen to Jacob, if he'll actually go to the wedding or not.

TT: Well, duuh he'll go to the wedding, he's Edward vampire brother!

TF: Erm... You mean Jasper? Or Emmett?

TT: Oh yeah yeah. And Charlie is the werewolf.

TF: Erm... No he's Bella's father.

TT: Oh that's it right and there's the wierd Italian vampires who, like do stuff to other vampires, like that time they were gonna kill Edward coz Bella was dead.

TF: Yeah... Erm, Bella doesn't die...

TT: Yeah, yeah, that's right, because Bella is the vampire that can see the future.

TF: No... I can't have this conversation with you anymore.


  1. I'm glad that there's at least some reference to Twilight under "pillow biter" in the UD - and here I was going to say "Whatever you do, for the love of all things holy, DON'T look it up in the Urban Dictionary!!" - because I did. Eek! And you think JJ and I have potty mouths and dirty minds - LOL!! Some of the people writing those definitions make us look like Mother Theresa by comparison! : )