Thursday, April 9, 2009

A little bite of juicy gossip

From Lainey- who else?

Last night, Nikki and friend showed up at Rob’s, and Jackson Rathbone too, but no sign of Kristen, for a little jam session before bedtime. For now though, we’re all about Nikki and friends with benefits. Ted and I agree on this – dating and f-cking are so not the same thing. Dating no. F-cking yes.

Oh Twi-hards…I know it’s what you all want. And I’d be so much more popular if I told you that Rob and Kristen could happen. But they only shot their first scene together last week, have only worked together 3 or 4 days on set, have spent very little time alone in Vancouver… it’s a total buzzkill, I’m sorry. Bella and Edward have not walked off the pages. In a few years? Perhaps.

PS. A group of girls, everyday they’re downtown Vancouver wearing (thanks Emily!), all of them, the same hoodies that read: Looking 4 Robert Pattinson.

Nikki landed in Vancouver yesterday, obviously before the fan-pap pics of her and KStew:

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