Friday, April 17, 2009

Twilighters compared To Trekkies

Aha- I KNEW it would happen; I just wondered when and in what media outlet.

The Vancouver Sun, who's had the delight in observing Twilighter pandemonium in their optimum habitat, has finally compared us to *gulp* Trekkies:

"Sharing information and thoughts about something like Twilight creates a feeling of involvement in the process, in this case of filmmaking.

"In recent years the period of adolescence and adolescent cultural interests and styles has extended itself into adulthood. And knowing that so many people share your interest implies permission to pursue those interests even if they seem juvenile, she said.

"Devotion, or obsession, with actors and television shows is not exactly a new phenomenon either, Baxter said. Supermarket tabloids and fan clubs have long traded on obsessive fan interest.

"Even the in the mid-sixties, the fan literature and fanzines for Star Trek were created mainly by women at least as old as the actors in the show," she said. Star Trek fan lit in particular was often explicitly sexual, which might make Spock the first modern pseudo-vampire.

I hate to say that the thought has crossed my mind on several occasions, but really? Are Twilighters the same as Trekkies?

Edward Cullen Smokin Hot! by hvyilnr.


  1. That's really no surprise. I love Star Trek, but this is quite different. William Shatner and Leonard Nimoy never had the sex appeal in my opinion that Edward has. Nooooo Waaayyy!

  2. NO WAY. I know; it is no surprise. But funny that someone said it. Out Loud. "Twilighters."