Friday, April 17, 2009

Rob Deletes his History on the Internet. And why would that be?

Twilight star Robert Pattinson admitted he’s addicted to the Internet, according to Cover Awards:

“(It) feeds the worst part of your soul,” Pattinson said. “When you have nothing to do and you go on, when you’re too tired to read a book.

“I’ll read the news, you go on to the New York Times, you get bored and go on IMDb Then you realize how pathetic you are.”

“I have to delete my history. It’s…addictive, but at the same time pathetic.”

Rawr. If only I knew for sure that he was checking me my blog out...


  1. so what he's saying is a) he deletes it so he wont be tempted to surf the same sites, b) he doesn't want his friends to find out he reads fanfic ...or c) he fears that twihards might steal his computer and find out that he reads all our blogs and is secretely in love with all of us! yea its definitely gotta be C!

  2. Wow- I was thinking something different all together ;), but I bet you're right... it's GOTTA be C....

  3. Awe crap I forgot to add this:

    What about Kellan?! Tell me have to tell me!

  4. Oooh, Rob's a porn addict!?!?

    Lol...shall be posting this, t'anks!

  5. okay, porn was option D but I was trying to give Rob the benefit of the doubt! =P

  6. Hey, ya'll said it- I'm just appalled at the naughty accusations on my sweet, innocent blog. ;)