Friday, April 24, 2009

Twi-Fans turn rabid to catch a glimpse of a flimsy structure, a.k.a. Bella's House

I know Twilighters are absolutely ravenous for anything Twilight-related, but this set-stalking is gonna wear on the cast and crew nerves eventually...

The Now focuses on Twi-Hards who, today, are set-stalking Bella's house hoping to catch a glimpse of filming, which is set to start this evening:

"These people just get so caught up in it, a whirlpool of excitement, this hunt. I call it vampire hunting, because they're so desperate to see these sets to get a glimpse of the stars," says Christine Kilpatrick, People contributor.

Kilpatrick said she's surprised that so many women - as opposed to teen girls - are following the 'New Moon' action from site to site. Many of them stay connected using Twitter names dedicated to actor Pattinson, the "vampire" guy.

"Some of them keep the information (of set locations) secret - not out of respect but because they don't want anyone else going there," Kilpatrick said.

Bella's House
The structure is nothing but a shell meant for exterior shots, but it requires around-the-clock security to keep rabid fans from doing damage to it.

It has a chimney made of flimsy styrofoam, after all.

Imported trees and rearranged telephone poles help make things look authentic, too.

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