Monday, April 27, 2009

Rob flits to L.A. for the weekend, then back to VanCity for some bedroom action

Remember my Twit from last night? I wondered where RPattz was headed... Lainey spills the deets, like the awesome gossip columnist she is:

Robert Pattinson slipped away from Vancouver this weekend for a quick break to LA. Returned back on Sunday night to continue working on New Moon. A few bedroom dream sequences are happening early this week. Then an interesting shoot later on.

Back to Rob - soon as he arrived back in Vancouver, he hooked up with Ashley Greene and Rachelle Lefevre at a pub for a few drinks to unwind.

P.S. Look who was on the flight with Rob!

As for his time in Los Angeles – he stayed relatively uncover, perhaps popping in to see a friend or two. Nikki Reed is his friend. Nikki’s in LA too. Here she is on a dog walk with friend Sage on Friday.

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