Monday, April 27, 2009

Cameron Bright: An old soul in a young body

Cameron Bright, who will be working alongside Dakota Fanning as her brother in "New Moon" is not new to the spotlight.

At eight years old, Cameron's mother lost her job. Cameron said he kissed her on the cheek and told her everything would work out. Two weeks later, he landed a role in "Godsend," alongside DeNiro.
Living on Vancouver Island has kept Cameron grounded and in check with his fame, which, undoubtedly, is soon to explode.

"If I didn't live here, I think I would probably be that stereotypical actor. In Hollywood, everyone wants to be an actor and just flaunt it," he said. "Here, they just don't care."

"When I signed up to be an actor, I knew if I want a career and to be famous, I'll have to deal with fans - not only deal with them but they're my lifeline. They're the ones who are going to (see) my movies."

The Vancouver Sun has the whole story!

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