Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Pillow Biter makes AMC

AMC calls me a "Twilight-obsessed blogger." Guess I can't argue that one...

New Moon Mania - Twilight Rumor Mill Approaching Critical Mass

A snippet:
On Thursday, Examiner.com picked up on a Twilight-obsessed blogger's post about Cullenism, a weird new quasi-religion involving worship of the bloodsucking Cullens. It purports to have a significant following among the books' youthful devotees.

Examiner.com's Amanda Bell summed up widespread web disdain for such fanaticism in her piece, which concluded: "It is one thing, in our fandom of the series, the film, its cast, etcetera, to spend inordinate amount of time, say the fans, on reading, re-reading, discussing, and watching things about the series, but it is a whole other to devote the core of one's faith to a set of fictional books and films, don't you think?"

Tortured syntax aside, yeah, what she said. A fan on the "Because I read Twilight I have unrealistic expectations in Men" Facebook page (yes, such a group exists) summed up our feelings more succinctly: ""Wow...such bull***."

Twilight collage by Twilgнt ♥.
Sounds like someone is a little high and mighty... but I can't get angry, because I know there are millions of grown women who have my back. I'll just look at more Twi-porn and slough it off...


  1. Agreed. Let's just ignore them! Twi-porn will makes us feel better. :)

  2. Mmmmhmmm... did you see the last GIF I posted yesterday? Effin'ay... I can't stop looking... damm that Edward Cullen.