Sunday, April 5, 2009

Nikki Reed shares shoes with Taylor, or so it seems...

Sporting crazy shoes not unlike the dapper plaid worn by Taylor in Vancouver, Nikki went shopping for chairs in La Brea last Wednesday.

Yes, Twilighters, that's the most excitement I have for you at this late hour. More New Moon info to come soon. Hopefully. So that I don't have to post details of actors hoisting furniture. Srsly.

nikki reed la brea chairs 13


  1. much is Summit paying these actors? Seriously?! Please tell me it's enough to buy decent looking shoes. Or hire a stylist. Or...hell, look in the mirror!

    Ashley & Kellan manage to look clean & put together...what happened to the others?! And poor Taycob. The fake-lesbos got to him...oh noes!

  2. No kidding! Between flashy shoes and lumberjack inspired flannel, they're trying to start a new trend!

    Taycob's my doll-baby; I'm so glad his daddy is there to help keep the girls' naughty paws off of him.