Friday, April 3, 2009

Mr. Lautner looks dashing in red plaid shoes

Lainey Gossip reports:

Yesterday in Vancouver, Taylor Lautner and Gathegi had dinner together, both were filming this week.

Taylor’s been super busy so far. Shooting almost every day. And training, both on his body and on a bike. Am told he’s a sweet kid: polite, grateful, works hard. His dad has been around the entire time – it’s law to have a guardian at his age on the job.

He’s also very popular among his co-stars in a little brother kind of way. Nikki Reed and Kristen are supposedly super protective, also both intent on helping him, whenever possible, to gain more of the spotlight. Making Taylor famous is almost like a project for them.

And if you’ve been reading in a bottom feeding rag that Kristen and Taylor are flirting on set, or that something romantic is going on… total bullsh-t. Ridiculous. Kristen’s boyfriend Michael Angarano is still in town. They were together yesterday when her day was over.
One question, though- WHO'S dressing this boy? Did he borrow his shoes from Nikki or what?


  1. bahahaaa! Yep...him, KStew & Nikki are sharing clothes now. Taycob needs to hit up Ashley. She's got the best fashion skills. =D

  2. Agreed- she's the queen of fashion. Maybe she should talk to the wardrobe people and have more input this time around... Members Only was popular 20 years ago. I'm just saying...