Saturday, April 25, 2009

Kellan Lutz Tips for Proper Twilighter Handcuffing Techniques. Rawr.

Kellan Lutz and Edi Gathegi were recently at the Strand Arcade's JB Hi-Fi for a one-hour signing, where Kellan talked about *mature* Twilighters.

"It's the mums who are the most full-on, I think some of them actually make their daughters stay home," Lutz told Confidential yesterday.

"And, bless their hearts, they come in these big groups and battle to give us the best presents, (like) candy, picture frames, flowers, baskets of stuff."

NEFE: Kellan Lutz by Chris Halford.

But it's not like the 24-year-old hasn't been bombarded by female fans, with some sending "scandalous" pictures and even attempting to chain themselves to his arm.

"They will come up and be like, I'm going to hand-cuff you," he said.

"Now that is not the way you are meant to do it - you've gotta just throw them on and lock 'em in."

NEFE: Kellan the Vampire (chompy chompy) by Chris Halford.
Thanks, NMM for the tip!


  1. So I don't have to feel horrible for wanting to handcuff all the "Cullen" men, b/c other grown mature women want to do this as well? COOL!

  2. Can I snag this pic? I will link back to your site!

  3. just gave me an even better idea for my TwiCon or bust adventure!!!

    Oh yes...I'll be bringing handcuffs with me now.


  4. Thanks a million!!!!! I am having naughty thoughts about Kellan! Where are my handcuffs, I left them somewhere.....

  5. Pillow Biters you bad bad girl putting these pics up to give me inspiration for Twicon. I've already got a little school girl crush on Kellan and Emmett.