Saturday, April 25, 2009

Have you checked the PB forum?

It's a slow Twilight news weekend, but you still need a fix. What to do? Check out the Pillow Biter forum, designed for the mature, snarky Twilighter who may or may not be married or shacked up, and may or may not have kids old enough to read the books.

Discuss subjects like:

How I lost my Twi-Virginity
Twilight Excuses to Use with Husbands and Friends
Read my Feeble Attempt at Fan Fiction

Do you fit the demographic? Are you closeted? Come mingle with others just like you, and discover that you can discuss all things Twilight without fear of retribution from your husband, friends, and evil-eyed co-workers.

Twilight. by ...♥...Chicky Kawaii...♥....
Come and mingle with other Twi-Friends!

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