Saturday, April 18, 2009

Is this even news? Gathegi excited to film his ONE scene- *Spoiler* for those who haven't read New Moon

Is it just me, or is one particular nomad vamp trying to capitalize on his 15 minutes of fame? If you've read New Moon, you know that the nomad, Laurent, has exactly one scene, in a meadow, where he meets his demise.

What's funny is that obviously hasn't read the book, and helps feed Gathegi's ego:

Laurent by musicgrl87.
Edi was asked if he had a particular New Moon scene that he was looking forward to shooting (note to interviewer- Edi only has ONE scene to film).

He replied: "Yeah. My scene in the meadow, it's like my meadow. It's like my character is no longer conflicted about where his badness lies."

Edi can't believe that he will be promoting New Moon in just a few months time. He also wants to tag along with Stewart and Pattinson to Italy. *crickets*


  1. I guess he yearns to be an A-list celebrity. in MY opinion, that's an uncomfortable place to be, it would stress me out!

  2. He has done a lot of promoting for the films so far. If I was in the cast, no matter how small, Id love to tag along and see other sets!