Saturday, April 18, 2009

Hardwicke still claws for attention and recognition

So my choice of articles to write loom between Catherine Hardwicke playing the helpless woman role, or RPattz playing the womanizer role between KStew and Nikki. Which do I go with?

Catherine Hardwicke told an estimated crowd of 475 Friday at a symposium hosted by the Chapman University Film School that she has a hard time convincing studio executives that a woman can direct a blockbuster action.

"There are a zillion movies that you feel a woman should direct," Hardwicke said. "But they're more than happy to let a guy do it."

Hardwicke and six other female directors were part of a symposium called Women in Focus, which was meant to give exposure to both established directors like Penelope Spheeris, who directed Wayne's World; and emerging directors like Harwicke and Kimberly Peirce, who directed Boys Don't Cry.

Hardwicke said the success of Twilight, the screen adaptation of a vampire-romance novel, did open doors for her in terms of offers.

The Catherine Hardwicke-directed movie Twilight earned $70.6 million in its first weekend of release in Nov. 21, 2008 and has currently taken in more than $185 million worldwide.

I must be losing my edge, but I just can't speculate on Mr. Hunky Spunk's love life when there's nothing but smut out there right now to base it on. I'm too protective of him. Sorry!

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