Sunday, April 19, 2009

Deb and Jamie Touch Kellan's Chest... for reals

CBA has an exclusive fan encounter story of Deb and Jamie and their hotel/set-stalking adventures:

We were thrilled that we actually were able to meet one of the stars we giggling like a couple of school girls. We settled in to see if we could see anyone else and after a while I see Kellan going for a run.

As he was jogging by we got his attention and asked if he wouldn't mind signing an autograph for us. He consented but wanted us to move closer to the hotel entrance to do it. He's still jogging, so we start jogging so we don't make him wait for us.

He starts kidding around with us and running in circles around us and says that if we want an autograph we gotta catch him, I have no hope in hell in catching him and I'm worried that I'm going to trip in the shoes I'm wearing. So I retort "I'm in heels, you don't want me pulling a Bella and falling on my face trying to catch you".

He stopped and said "No I don't want that, I would feel really bad if you hurt yourself". He gave me a personalized signature in my book and took pictures with us... he opened up his arms says "Now my Bella", and I took it as he wanted a hug. So I swoop in and give him a huge hug.... What a bod he has on him!


  1. I'm so freakin jealous right now...

  2. that makes two of us i hate living in MI never see any freakin body!

  3. I never see anyone is the Dekalb, IL area. Don't these people want to film in cornfields?