Tuesday, March 10, 2009

What in the world is RPattz doing in Vancouver, and Nikki gushes about his abilites

We've seen the pics of Rob hanging around Vancouver the past few days, but exactly where has he been?

Sources say Rob went to a local nightclub on March 8, where witnesses say the affable 6'1" British heartthrob looked handsome but "very thin" and "quite possibly drunk." Robert is known for being sweet and friendly to his fans.

Robert Pattinson in Vancouver with fan

Pattinson, who wore a baseball cap and brown leather jacket at the club, was friendly when approached and even took a photo with an enthusiastic fan.

On March 9, Rob was walking around downtown Vancouver, where he dropped by a local Starbucks.
Robert Pattinson in Vancouver
Co-star Nikki Reed says of Pattinson, "He's really talented, really smart, really musical. He's an intellectual. I don't know if anyone knows that side of him."

"When asked what career path he would have chosen had he not become an actor, he is unequivocal in his reply. "I would've become a pianist," he says. "I sing and I write songs."

"Adds Rob: "I always say that if acting is my first love, music would've been my Plan B. That may sound a bit pretentious, but it's true. Music occupies a very important place in my life. I couldn't live without music."

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