Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Doll-Baby Alert! Mr. Lautner Loves A Caramel Macchiato

From Lainey Gossip:
Adorable story yesterday about Taylor at Starbucks downtown. He was in line behind a girl who was struggling with her bag. She ordered a caramel macchiato, then he slapped down a US$10 all manly and sh-t and said to the barista “make that two” and the person behind the counter was momentarily all weirded out, didn’t know what to do with foreign currency or something, at which point the recipient of his generosity slapped her Cdn$10 out and repeated “make that two”, and then Taylor muttered sheepishly, they laughed and talked for a while. A couple of variations on the story but those are the bones. Adorable, right?

Taylor Lautner Father

He and his dad went to eat at The Keg the other day. Waitresses were hovering and cooing. Taylor and dad were very flattered. Dad jokingly chided everyone that they needed to be on Team Jacob.

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