Saturday, March 7, 2009

Weekend Roundup... Just Scraping By...

Slow day in the Twilight Saga world... here are a couple of scraps I dug up:

Glance through Edward and Bella's Love Journey in Pictures
Pictures you've seen time and time again bundled together into a slide show. You can watch it while you're shopping on-line for:

Clearance Teez by Twilight Teez
Jacob Fan Club Long Sleeve - Women
Some of these are pretty cute; their winter-wear and beanies (be like RPattz!) are now on clearance. Hot Dog! Get your Jacob gear now and be ready to stay toasty!

Finally, lament away over this little diddy I found on Times of the Internet.. pure gobbledeegook, if you ask me. That boy has been photographed across the ends of the earth by paps trying their hardest to sneak a peek. With no hard evidence, I maintain Spunk is still sleeping single in a double bed:

On Feb. 18. at L.A.s Palihouse, RPattz was his usual glib self when asked about his workout regimen.

'Yeah, I do what I can,' he said. He added that instead of six pack abs, 'I prefer a 12-pack.'

An eyewitness at the event heard Rob whispering about a special someone in his life. 'I like her a lot,' he said. He did not give any indication who he was referring to. 'She's really great.'

A friend of Rob's said that although Rob may be discreet, he's getting plenty of action with the ladies. 'He gets around,' the friend said. 'He goes home with a lot of different girls.'

robert leaving the gym by Priscila's*.
Working on a six-pack

rob looks like hes drunk:) by orsi:).
After a 12 pack

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