Friday, March 6, 2009

Vampire Baseball Adventure... or "How can we ride the Twilight Gravy Train?"

Got an extra $1600 laying around? Then you, too, can take advantage of the Twilight Fan Vampire Baseball Adventure Trip!

Trip includes:
  • 6-nights Lodging – Quileute Oceanside Resort (3-nights) and Hilton Portland (3-nights)
  • Exclusive use of PGE Park Portland for Vampire Baseball Tournament
  • July 4th evening of baseball, with cast and crew, and fireworks
  • Private Guided tours of Forks, WA, Hoh Rainforest, La Push and First Beach, Quileute Reservation
  • Private bonfire on the beach and stories with Quileute elder
  • Access to privately owned film locations
  • Exclusive discussions with film location scout
  • Private Guided Tour of Columbia River Gorge
  • Private Guided Tour of St Helen’s and other film locations
  • Meals Included : 12 meals (6 breakfast, 1 lunch, 5 dinners) plus dessert reception
Keep in mind that nowhere does it mention WHO of the Twilight cast will be in attendance. But hey, if you have that much dough to drop, go for it!
plugging away... we're very nearly out of twilight photos... i promise by cybermelli.
Don't count on THIS to be the highlight of your Vampy Baseball excursion... I'm just sayin'.

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