Sunday, March 1, 2009

Viewers Vote Alice as Best-Dressed

Because Stephenie detailed every piece of clothing her characters wore, many a Twilighter carries strong opinions about the style of dress that SHOULD have been portrayed in the movie. Yada, yada, slim-pickings because of the low-budget, but really, did we need a complete throw-back to 20 years ago? Not all of the outfits were that cheesy, but a few left much to be desired.

Frankly, Edward's Members Only jacket didn't do it for me.
edward cullen. by psychpineapple..

That peacoat, though? HAWT.

plugging away... we're very nearly out of twilight photos... i promise by cybermelli.

And Rosalie? Girl, the 80's called. They want their acid-washed jeans back.

Rosalie&Emmett by musicgrl87.

For the past month, viewers have had the chance to pick the best-dressed Twilight character at Boxwish. You can still vote, but here are the results, with 3,000 votes submitted thus far:

Alice Cullen- 42.6%
Edward Cullen- 22%
Rosalie Hale- 13.9%
Bella Swan- 12.6%
Carlisle, Jasper, Emmett and Esme- each around 2%

Alice Cullen by carito7784.
You Go, Fashionista!


  1. OMG i like have that exact outfit! yay! and i no were u can get rosalie's shoes from in the uk! :D

  2. You know i didn't think Rosalie was that great. Her fashion was ok and shes pretty but not as great as Stephanie Meyer described her. I know i probs sound really irritating but i didn't think Kristen Stewart was good as bella at all...her fashion was pretty awful too.Who wears All Stars to prom. I know i sound like i hate everything but i did actually love the movie and Edward was a great choice along with Alice - way cute and Jasper, Emmet, Carlisle, Esme...all of them just a couple of small probs really

  3. i thought the same thing about bella's shoes to the prom, but its because she had that cast and if she wore heels, they would just brake.
    but i agree with you on the actor choices, they're exacly what i imaganed especially esme, bella and Jasper.