Monday, March 9, 2009

Vancouver Sirens: Could YOU Be Cast As Heidi??

Kellan Lutz dished lots of New Moon info to MTV:

Kellan was asked about the chances of casting his friend, AnnaLynne McCord. His take? "I've heard Vanessa Hudgens and AnnaLynne McCord are potentials in it, but I think that's all the stuff like 'Michael Copon to play Jacob,' " he laughed, remembering the actor who had supposedly taken the role from Taylor Lautner. "I've known AnnaLynne for years now. It would be fun to work with her, but I won't have any scenes with her; [she'd be] doing the Italy stuff.

"Her potential character is Heidi. I think they're looking for someone who is local up in Vancouver," he revealed of the recent casting scuttlebutt. "I don't know what the chances are of her getting it."

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