Sunday, March 29, 2009

Twilighters Delight in some stiff Edward yumminess at DVD extravaganzas!

This is a little overdue, but too cute not to post... Mini and Cardboard Edward make appearances at some serious red-carpet parties!

Ladies having their way with Cardboard Edward... naughty...

Uh. oh. Looks like someone was around a "Pillow Biter..."

Edward admires himself on film...

Mini Edward in a mini tux on a mini red carpet...

Mini-Edward rolling out fondant for the cake; he's impossibly strong!

Mini Edward decided to quench his thirst before rabid Twi-Moms ravished him during the DVD party...

Thanks, Regina and Francesca!!


  1. so cute..........i envy you.all that cool stuff......and here in romania just the dvd without extended scenes.not pictures.i want a piece of cake

  2. Thanks! This wasn't my DVD party, just one of some webbie friends. I haven't gotten back the pics from our party.

    That's a shame you don't have the extended scenes in Romania! I'll see what vids I can find and post them.. just for you! ;) Check back in by Monday, ok?

  3. Luv the pics! Now I don't feel so bad about my obsession w/ Rob. Wish I could have been there! I'm thinking about a pocket Edward for under my pillow. ...............after seeing these I just may!

  4. Man...I need that cut out to pull off my covert operation! (aka Twilighter conversion attempt #4) I can't find any here. I swear...I've looked.

    The pic worked out! I made it a link to your blog on my sidebar. Thanks =D

  5. Great pics! Makes me feel much better about decorating JJ's house for our dvd release celebration... And really love love love that someone put feathers all over themselves - LOL!
    Your updated banner looks great, btw!

  6. I love-love-love the pics of Edward in the "mini-tux." Too cute! Great pics.

  7. Thanks, Snarky! Is that tux too cute? Regina was such a doll (pun intended). Altering his tux was on her to-do list the day before the party; how adorable is that?!