Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Taylor Lautner Can't Date Until He's 28

Darn it. When I first read that headline I thought it said, "Taylor Lautner Can Date a Girl Who's 38," and I actually thought I had a shot. *giggles*

Doll-baby turned fetching muscle man overnight, Taylor Lautner's parents enforce a strict rule in his household.

"My dad says I can't date until I'm 28. I'm definitely hoping to negotiate that one down. I realized that my parents were strict to make sure that I didn't get a big head, and that's a good thing," he admits. "My parents brought me up to have respect and not take things for granted."

Taylor nevertheless has in his mind the qualities that he looks for in a girl. "I like girls who aren't uptight and not afraid to be a dork," he says. "I dig girls who can let loose and have a fun time."
Taylor Lautner On PopStar Magazine by melissacrawford01.
Is it just me or did it sound like I just wrote a profile for Match.com?

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