Tuesday, March 3, 2009

My Kristen Stewart Realization

I was about to post a little diddy about KStew's Cake Eaters movie earlier (only because I didn't have any great RPattz news at the time) when I decided to meet a few friends to check out a little indie flick called Twilight.

My confession: I lost track of the number of times I've seen the movie right around 8 or so. I can honestly say I'm now working in the 20 somethings, and the fact that Twilight is now playing at the cheap theater is no help to my fervent addiction. Apparently I'm shooting for seeing it once for each year of my life (somehow that justifies it, in a weird, warped way).

It was during the hospital scene at the end when I came to a Kristen Stewart realization today. Overall, I'm not a big fan of hers. But when she lets out her little psycho rant thinking that Edward may leave her, I had an epiphany.
Kristen Stewart(Bella Swan) Robert Parttinson(Edward Cullen)Twilight by Clarissa1309.
As much as I adore Edward and Jacob, and dismiss Bella with all of her mortal flaws, I have to accept her. A believable portrayal of a girl in utter despair in New Moon is crucial to the entire plot and storyline.

She's gotta step it up a notch or 12 for New Moon, and I'm starting here and now to give her the benefit of the doubt instead of dismissing her completely. Here's hoping you can do it, girl!
Bella Swan by megngarnett.

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