Monday, March 2, 2009

Taylor, Kristen and Rob Draw Upon Books for New Moon Character Profiles

What advice did Stephenie Meyer offer her New Moon actors? Thankfully, not much, reports My Park Magazine.

When they were asked in Japan how much Stephenie helped them with their characters both actors insisted that it was her books that had the biggest impact.

Taylor Lautner said: "The biggest advice from Stephenie was for me to bascially follow Jacob's character from the book because that's what the fans love so that's what we wanted to stay true to. So I read the book several times and that's what we wanted to stay true to for the fans."

When Kristen was asked the same question she replied: "I have to say likewise, everything was there in the book and Stephenie didn't actually get a chance to spend that much time on set besides just visits that were fun, to meet everybody and see how the process works...other than that we didn't have creative discussions. It was very much in the book."

Rob added: "Stephenie was very generous with allowing us to have free reign over her material. She just kind of... gave her approval at the beginning and basically let us do whatever we felt like doing, I guess."

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