Monday, March 9, 2009

Start Planning Your Twilight DVD Release Party!

Ok, girls- you REALLY need to get on the ball with your Twilight DVD Release Parties. If you haven't yet started planning your perfect Bellatinis, you're falling behind.

Catch up and still looking like Alice the party planner with the dozens of tips featured on Maggie's Dinner Dates:
Vampires I know right T-shirt stickers
* Use black netting over a red tablecloth for a nice textured effect.
* Make a bloody glass by dipping the rim of a glass or goblet into a mixture of corn syrup and red food coloring. Let drip down glass. It will set up slightly so you can make these ahead of time.
* Silvery decorations
* This is from breaking dawn but it would be so cute if you had a little "beachy" corner that can be labeled "Esme Island". Put a couple fold up beach chairs, palm trees, sand, buckets and it can be a fun place to sit around(most party stores have plenty of beach things)

* Use a fog machine and umbrellas to give the effect of Forks, Washington - rainy and misty.

Don't forget your Vampire Stickers, edible Silver, and Twi-Tine images.

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  1. Also on this Maggies Dinner Date's blog she just posted her invitatations to the party. Complete with Bella and Edward inserts. Check back to see her goody bags.