Monday, March 9, 2009

Taylor Lautner on Blog Talk Radio

Doll-baby Taylor Lautner made plenty of Team Jacob fans swoon during his 90 minute Blog Talk Radio interview:

"Now that I've seen this kind of passion and dedication in the fans, I wouldn't see a reason [Breaking Dawn] wouldn't happen," Lautner said.

For now, Lautner is getting ready for that passion to grow even stronger because of how fierce the competition between Jacob and Edward becomes in New Moon. In other words, the battle between Team Taylor and Team Robert will likely reach new levels of hysteria.

"I'm getting a little nervous," Lautner admitted. "But I'm so thankful for the fans and even those Robert Pattinson/Edward fans. I know we wouldn't…be here filming New Moon and [then] filming Eclipse if it wasn't for them."

But he had a message to Team Robert: "Don't hate on me too much. I love you, guys."

Lautner also revealed the New Moon movie will stick pretty much to the book, meaning it's unlikely Jacob and Bella will share a kiss…at least not this time around.

"Maybe you'll see a little bit more action in the third," he said. "I'm excited for that."

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If you missed the show and want to listen to Taylor talking (and who doesn't?), check it out here:

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