Saturday, March 14, 2009

RPattz screws up his eyebrows and compliments a baby?!

So I found this little anecdote on Lainey Gossip. Who knows the validity of it, or even if it was our favorite Spunk Ransom, but the visual of the entire scenario makes me giggle:

Great story. I went to see a girlfriend yesterday after work. She said her morning started off wretched. The way she described it:

I walked into MY favourite coffee house and my baby was with me, and some weirdo in front of me says: oh that’s a cute baby. He pauses, looks at me, screws up his eyebrows, and asks: is it yours? Do I look like I’m incapable of producing a cute baby? So I told him (her voice can get pitchy sometimes) – no, there’s a lady lying out in the street right now because I took her down and stole her baby! How insulting! And he had an accent. And there was some kind of film crew around. And he was so pale and weird and …

At this point I cut her off – um, sweetie, did you yell at Robert Pattinson?


She is clueless about celebrities. So I opened up the browser, pointed out Mr. GQ and asked her: is this the boy you yelled at?


Me: Are you sure? Are you positive???

Her: (She's totally convinced). Yes! What kind of an idiot says that to a woman?

Me: Maybe he thought you were the nanny…?

Her: (points to herself: she runs her own business and had client meetings all day, in a brown dress, tights, and brown patent leather Tory Burch 5 inch booties, fully accessorised earrings, cuffs, the works). Nannies wear this?

Me: no… I guess not.

I laughed for an hour.

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