Thursday, March 12, 2009

Robert Pattinson in GQ...Swooning inevitable...
Cullen Boys Anonymous is the BOMB. Instead of running to Borders and feigning interest a men's mag, you can read parts of the sexiest article on the planet at their site. Do it NOW. Then, gain composure and send your bestie to the store to pick up a copy for you.

Check out this article at GQ Magazine, too.

Here's a preview:

He slides into his chair, dressed all in black, with a weeks-old beard, hair crammed under a wool cap, looking like Justin Timberlake researching an off-Broadway turn as Terry Malloy. His clothes smell like he has recently purchased them off the back of someone less fortunate than he. He’s just come from a big-time meeting with a director and can’t wait to tell us how weird it was. Some guy offering him a part, maybe, in a movie so double top secret he couldn’t tell Pattinson what it was about. “He wouldn’t say anything,” Pattinson says, “and he also wouldn’t leave,” so Pattinson sat there and talked about himself for three hours and drank enough coffee to make a rhino’s heart explode.

“God, I don’t remember the last time I ate,” Pattinson says.


They sent him to a trainer, dyed his hair and cut it. Pattinson immersed himself in the lore—the novels and Midnight Sun, Meyer’s unpublished, unfinished retelling of Twilight from Edward’s point of view. (“I was a vampire, and she had the sweetest blood I’d smelled in eighty years.”) He showed up to shoot the movie with a lot of ideas about how it could be more than a horror-tinged tween romance. How Edward could be less like the turtlenecked Prince Charming from the novels—“If you met a guy like that in real life,” he says, “you’d think he was kind of dorky”—and more like the edgy dude burning himself with cigarettes in the corner at the high school party. Less hottie, more monster.

[Pattinson] says he hasn’t seen any movie he’s been in since the Potter movies—not even Twilight. He took his mom to the American Twilight premiere, squirmed through the first ten minutes, then bolted. “I went out and sat in the car,” he says, “having a full-blown panic attack.” Ten minutes in, he looked up and realized someone was videotaping him.

He doesn’t want to watch himself on film because he’s worried he’ll look like a fraud. Even before he started acting, he says, “I was constantly thinking that I was faking my emotions. I was constantly attacking myself: You’re a fake, you’re a fraud.”

"Okay," [Pattinson] says. Deep breath. "I fucked Joe Jonas."


  1. LOL @ at the last comment. I can't believe he said that! No, wait, yes I can.

    I linked my post to this one, so you might get some danger magnets coming your way! :-)

  2. Thanks for the love! I ADORED the rant on your site- amazing how such a hawt article and pics can turn mature women into putty! And yes, that last comment from him...too funny. Swoon...

  3. I wish i could imagine him saying the last comment with his lovely accent *sigh*