Sunday, March 1, 2009

Rob: "I Can Create Something Quite Special (with New Moon) If They Let Me"

The Improper has a darling interview with RPattz covering a few topics:

On acting:

Twilight, Rob said he had become so disillusioned with acting that he was considering giving it up altogether. Fortunately for Pattinson's legions of fans, an indie flick he filmed right before before he was offered Twilight helped reawaken his passion for acting.

On New Moon:

New Moon is] my favorite book and I think you can really change the character in the end," says Rob. He's distraught and every ounce of confidence he has in the first one is gone by the end of the second one when he's essentially committing suicide. I can create something quite special with it if they let me."

On Little Ashes:

"I did [
Little Ashes] before Twilight," Rob recounts. "I was going to give up acting before that...I was just so disinterested in acting at the time. I just thought, 'Oh a three-month vacation in Spain. Okay.' " Researching and preparing for the role was therapeutic for the young Brit. "It was so intense the whole time and everybody was speaking Spanish and I don't speak a word of Spanish," he says. Pattinson says he invested so much time preparing for the role that he wound up developing a heightened sense of satisfaction from the process. "It was the one time I felt slightly satisfied," says Rob. "I wanted to bring that intensity to every job."

On music:

Rob says he would've become a musician if he hadn't pursued acting. Pattinson plays piano and guitar and composes music in his spare time. And while Rob has stated that he couldn't live without music, for now, acting is his passion.

Robert Pattinson Piano by pattinsons-sweetheart.

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