Sunday, March 1, 2009

Kissing Rob... How Do You THINK It Felt??

Twilight Singapore recounts Day 5- here's a swoony excerpt:

"Hehehe… Kristen and Robert look pretty embarrassed here. Well, you guys can imagine what the question was…..check out how everyone is smiling. ;) a nervous Japanese fan asked (you can hear her sigh in the video) Kristen how it felt like kissing Robert. And Kristen asked back, ‘How did you think it felt?’ The fan replied something which I couldn’t hear. Then Kristen said,” SOO much better!!”. WOOOOoooOOOO!! The whole hall crowed and laughed! And Robert’s facial reaction was like, “Oh?” Awesome answer Kristen!!"



  1. Hi boo_bunnies!! I love this post. Oh they should just go make out or something. hehe.

  2. Yes, but the build-up of sexual tension with them NOT doing anything makes it all the more passionate, don't you think? rawr....

    I think the man needs to stay single until the saga is complete. ;)