Thursday, March 5, 2009

Brenna Lee Roth Cast in New Moon... or not?

Darnit! I just posted this, but looks like Twilight Lexicon is calling shenanigans on the whole thing. I thought the interview smelled fishy...

Here's the original post:
Brenna Lee Roth daughter of hard-core rocker, David Lee Roth, has been cast as a New Moon werewolf and recently spilled minor details to MarketSaw. Roth refutes rumors that filming hasn't started yet; she has already started filming in Baton Rouge.

Here's an excerpt- check out MarketSaw for the entire bad-ass chick interview.

MarketSaw: There must be something you can tell us about NEW MOON that will excite the fans, yet keep you safe - and that thing would be...

BLR: Fans of the series will really love it, it's spot on to the book. Way closer to the book than I think expected. Chris was a great director he really challenged me.

MarketSaw: Who were you looking forward to working with the most on NEW MOON?

BLR: Seeing all the American Indians Kick ass! I mean I'm a tough chick, but it was still hard. I met Kristin on set of ADVENTURELAND last year, so I already knew her she is super sweet. I want her to be on every movie I do.

MarketSaw: So tell me more about the American Indians in the movie - how many are there? How is their wardrobe? Again, any stories to tell?
BLR: Wardrobe was good. Nailed exactly what I thought of when I was reading the book. Other than that I still can't talk about specifics.

Brenna Roth by AKSnyder.
I'm in New Moon-- PSYCH!!!!

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