Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Blogs That Made Me Laugh Today....

Letters To Rob today was awesome- a simple Thank You to Rob note. Here's an excerpt, but you MUST go to the site to read it in all its glory:

"Thank you for being a humble, charming guy in your interviews. Thank you for being so nice to fans and signing autographs and posing for pictures, even when you’re “off the clock.”

Thanks for hating Hollywood and the superficial nightlife that goes along with it and for being “real” and saying you’d rather be reading 2666 by Roberto Bolano than out partying with the girls from The Hills.

On a slightly superficial note, thanks for keeping it real in ripped, dirty jeans and then being able to look so delectably delicious in Dolce & Gabana and Prada.

But most importantly, thank you for increasing the libido for the hundreds of woman visiting our site. The frequency and intensity of our sex lives has increased TENFOLD."


And Lauren's Bite-- I always love her posts. An excerpt from today:

6. She ruins every picture,
She know when your awake...
She knows if you've been bad or good, (jk, she would be stoned to know)
So be good for goodness sake.
You better not pout,
You better not cry...
You better not shout I'm tellin' you why...
Robert Patz is comin' to town.

7. Taylor is so awkward, it hurts.

I have to admit, he is cute if I found boys my little brothers age, cute. Which I don't. Other than "let me pinch your cheeks cute"...and I mean cheeks on the face, mind you!. Anyway, why does he look awkward in every picture? I physically get a twitch every time I see him posed with these guys. Plus, is he holding his butt in this pic?

Go check them out, but don't forget to come back here and browse as well! :)

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