Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Ashley Greene Makes a New Moon Slip

NewMoonMovie reports that Ashley Greene slipped up about the timing of the Italy shoot:

“I’m going to Italy this Sunday for dress rehearsals and fittings,” the actress confided as she browsed the racks at a spring preview for labels Miss Me, Bordeaux and Paul & Joe Sister in downtown Los Angeles.

"Is she looking forward to the second time around? “It’s going to be a blast! The first movie we were so close knit. We were all there as a family. This one, there’s just four of us. I’m kind of bummed because Kellan and Jackson are going to be there for the first week and then they’re gone,” she lamented. “But Kellan did say he’s coming to stay with me in Italy. That’ll be nice.”

Of course filming can't start too soon; after all, the crew is in Vancouver now and hasn't begun shooting yet. Plus, Italian fans need the chance to win a trip to the set...
New Moon also has the rundown on the designers through which Miss Greene browsed...
Ashley Greene: Fashion Diva


  1. Gorgeous photo of Ashley! Love it. :) And I love your blogskin pattern! so cool.

  2. Thanks! I prefer the simple feel, because it's much easier to read, but I couldn't resist this "mountain lion" print. lol

    That's right; your girl-crush on Ashley! ;)She is fantastic!