Monday, March 9, 2009

Another Vampy Interview with FearNet

Kellan, Rachelle, and Edi had quite the lengthy interview with FearNet- here are some of the highlights:

Edi on Rob: I think Rob can't leave the house without full security detail. He's full-blown A-lister, presenting at the Oscars. He's getting it bad. It comes with the territory though. It's an icon right now, a full blown pop-culture phenomenon, this movie.

Rachelle on Chris Weitz: It's real interesting because he has a fresh take. At the same time, you can tell that he's seen the movie, read the book and respects that we've already established something, and that it needs to be continue fans expect some continuity.

Kellan on Drew Barrymore possibly directing Eclipse: I only heard that today but I'm very excited about the possibility, if it's a possibility.

Edi on the Twilight DVD: I know there's going to be 5 deleted scenes and some extended scenes in there. I'm going to watch it from beginning to end! There's a documentary on the DVD. It's a 7-part documentary, a couple minutes each, kind of following the creation of the entire process. There's a Comic Con segment where we're first exposed to the fans.

Kellan on Taylor: He was already working out with this in mind that he would have to become this mature, much more mature, Jacob before he even knew New Moon was green lit.

Rachelle on the translation of New Moon from book to movie: It's really similar to what they did for Twilight in a sense that it's really condensed time. There are certain things that just didn't make it in or got added. It's not new. It's just an amalgamation of things they needed to condense. Those are the only real changes, in the same way that Twilight was. They take the center of the story, which is the love triangle between Bella, Edward and Jacob and then everything is tailored to fit.


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