Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Twilight Vamps Show Their Naughty Side

Ok, I'm going to give Kristen Stewart the benefit of the doubt, even though many of her actions rub against the grain of my mama bear mentality.

Cullen Boys Anonymous posted a couple of cool videos that you must see- the Nylon photo shoot of the beautiful Kristen. She's super excited to play Joan Jett, and she photographs immaculately. Be sure to hop over to Cullen Boys for more scans of the mag.

Also, Kellan Lutz at the San Francisco Convention talks about Rob flipping him off in the baseball scene. OME, I had no idea! And it's in the movie!

Again, so looking at the crooked smile I never thought to look at his FINGER!


  1. Hilarious - I never noticed that before but its so obvious. A little playfulness between brothers LOL

  2. I am still amazed that I have seen the movie literally 20+ times on the big screen and never noticed this, or the "I love you" whisper!

    And Shawna- she noticed the Christmas Starbucks cup misplaced in the hospital after-fight scene but not this? She's losing her mo-jo, I'm afraid! LOL

  3. WAIT! I watched it again.. I DID notice this! I thought he was snapping his fingers like he was thinking, "Oh, darnit!"

    My innocent mind wouldn't let me see that vile action! LOL