Sunday, February 22, 2009

Tonight's Oscars Prove One Thing:

Don't believe the rumors. Hype about Kristen Stewart presenting, more than one Twilight presence... yap, yap, yap.

I take that back. There was more than one Twilight presence at the Oscars:

1) Robert Pattinson, a bundle of nerves wrapped and tied up in a pretty package. You GO, hawt Britt boy! Even though he was obviously concerned that the microphone was poised to attack him, he made a fair showing. Give the boy a break. He was near homeless a year ago, indeed a starving actor with nothing to show in his fridge but Hot Pockets. I feel....very... protective... of him. *swoon* Poor baby; his date was his manager. Unbelievable.

2) A mere 2 1/3 seconds of Twilight footage. The kiss was immediately squashed by something that, well, wasn't Twilight. And the prom kiss was completely missing, yet scads of smooches, including the sappy HM3 kiss, made a prominant showing.

I'm biased; I"ll admit it. But for a low-budget film which has made over $360 million dollars worldwide to be completely snubbed at the Oscars is uncalled for.

*Insert bad words to describe those who run the politically charged Oscars here.*

Here's the entire video montage he and Amanda presented, if you missed it. But prepare to be disappointed.

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