Thursday, February 26, 2009

The REAL reason Kristen bashed Twilight?

Was Kristen really bashing the movie that has catapulted her to fame, or was it Hollywood politics as usual? E! reports:

"Sure, casting director Bonnie Gillespie tells me, some studio publicist may give the whining actress a "hand-slapping" after seeing a quote like that, but most Hollywood players know that when the talent complains, it's really more about business. And more often than not, the producers hear the call and give the actors something, like, say, dollars, to shut them up. And then everyone goes back to their emerald palaces or wherever it is that they live.

In fact, it's not impossible that an actress' complaints come at the prodding of some personal publicist eager to reposition a client.

"It wouldn't surprise me if a publicist were saying, ‘It might be wise to drop a subtle complaint'," says Gillespie, who runs the casting and production company Cricket Feet."

Kristen Stewart(Bella Swan) by Clarissa1309.

Read E! Online for the rest of the interview.

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